REVIEW: THE CRYSTAL ARK // The Crystal Ark [DFA, 2012]

THE CRYSTAL ARK // The Crystal Ark [DFA, 2012]

The Crystal Ark, the newest project of DFA synth wizard Gavin Russom and filmmaker Viva Ruiz, are releasing their debut album tomorrow and I did an in-depth write up of it for Dummy. It’s an awesome record, and it made the Album Of The Week this week.

It’s a lot of fun – the Latin percussion makes your hips shake, the vocals are chants, shared equally between genders, constantly shifting between languages, and the basslines are irresistible in their sheer funk force. No one ego takes centre stage, it’s just a bunch of extremely talented musicians coming together and making immensely colourful and joyous music.

Read the whole thing online at Dummy Mag.

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